Tuesday, May 28, 2019

7 best stretch mark creams you can buy

Stop stretch marks in their tracks, or get rid of the ones you have with these awesome products!

Either it's pregnancy stretch marks, or some pesky streaks you have developed over the years, we have brought together some serious product solutions so you don't have to live with those marks forever!

These lines on your skin aren't harmful but they aren't that great to look at either. They often appear when your body grows too quickly and your skin can't keep up with the growth, hence stretching its way creating marks across your thighs or bum. They often happen when you're pregnant, gained some weight, when you workout (bodybuilding), or simply because your skin is too dry.

Collagen is a protein that makes your skin more elastic, and when you don't have enough, the marks show up as stretches. To prevent stretch marks, or lessen the ones you already have, you should use products that contain collagen ingredients or hyaluronic acid. Products with these ingredients can tighten your skin and improve your skin texture.

See below for the best stretch mark removal creams and find one that is just right for your belly, breasts, your bum, or wherever!

We are aware that not all of these products you can get in stores in Malaysia, but you can definitely get them online.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10 things I wish I knew before having a baby

Before having my first baby, I had many preconceived notions of what life would be like with a baby and my responsibilities as a new mother. Despite speaking to friends and relatives with children, and doing my thorough research to prepare, there has been countless times and surprises where I was caught off guard - both the good and the challenging times.

1. I should have gone on a babymoon for that 'just us' time with my husband. We were saving and saving for our baby that we missed out on romantic times together. Your life is going to change so much after the baby that you will sometimes miss the simplicity of just being with your husband.

2. Labour pains continue for weeks and even months after giving birth.

3. You will feel that the exhaustion is never-ending, and start doing things like putting the car keys in the fridge.

4. You will find it hard to finish your meal in one seating, from start to finish.

5. You are always talking about your baby, even when your baby is not around.

6. You will need more help and support than you had anticipated. Which for me meant having my mom live with me to help out.

7. Breastfeeding is hard and is not as easy as many moms make it look. It took me a while to get used to breastfeeding and the long hours it calls for. But with practice, I was able to make it a joyful experience - for both me and my baby.

8. You will experience a kind of love that you never knew before, and continue to appreciate your mom even more as the day goes by.

9. Bladder leakage is a common problem after giving birth. Studies have shown that 1 out of 4 women experience stress urinary incontinence which isn't cool at all.

10. You will be humming and singing to nursery rhymes even when your baby is not around.

Photo by @theeverymom via Instagram

Monday, May 20, 2019

Weird (but normal) things to know about your newborn

Your friends and midwives must have told you of all the labour and delivery related facts, breastfeeding, and sleepless nights you're about to have with a newborn at home. But there are just some things they somehow will 'forget' to tell you. Before rushing off to call your paediatrician, know that these funny things going on with your baby are totally normal, which you'll soon discover!

Frequent sneezing

Remember that everything in this world is very new to the baby, and is extra sensitive to a lot of things that you are already immune to. So if your baby is constantly sneezing but is looking fine, your baby is probably just sneezing out little particles in the air that has gotten into his or her nasal passage. Another common cause for the baby to sneeze could also be to get rid of the amniotic fluid from their respiratory system.

*Keep checking on your baby, and if the sneezing is accompanied by wheezing, it is best to contact your paediatrician to rule out asthma or other related ailments that will need treatment.

Crossed eyes

As a newborn, your baby is still figuring out how to master his newfound abilities and this includes his sense of sight. It will take some time for them to master their focus, so it is normal that your baby's eyes may wander or cross occasionally during his first few months of life. In your baby's 4th to 6th month, their eyes will usually straighten out. However, if your baby's eyes still seem crossed after 6 months it is best to make an appointment to see if something else is at play, such as lazy eye.

Baby boobs

With all the hormones going around your body while you were pregnant for 9 months, they affect your baby too! The hormones in your body can also cause your baby's breast tissue to develop and this is totally normal - the hormones will wear off and it will go away in no time.

Strange groaning noises

If you were expecting little cries and coos, think again because babies make all kinds of noises. There will be grunts, snorts and other sounds you will hear throughout the day. Studies have shown that these noises and added sound effects are often due to the narrow nasal passage that a baby has, causing mucus to accumulate and creating all the funny noises you hear. If this is the case, you will just need to clear out your baby's nose with a nasal aspirator. 

*Always take note of your baby's breath with each grunt or cry, if your baby is having trouble breathing, urgently contact your paediatrician.

Out-of-shape heads

You aren't the only one doing all the work during delivery, your baby is also working just as hard getting down that birth canal - and it is only normal for your baby to come out purple and looking a little swollen. But your baby's head and skull are still very soft, going past your pelvic bone could cause your baby's head to slightly flatten. A flat head could also happen when you lay your baby on his or her back for too long. This could be avoided by regularly changing your baby's position on the mattress, and have some 'tummy time' when your baby is awake. 

If your baby's head still seems flat over time, your paediatrician may suggest that your baby wear's a temporary helmet to correct the shape of his or her head - but wear it as soon as possible while your baby's head is still soft and 'shapeable'.

Photo courtesy of Chrissy Teigen's Instagram post

Watery, sometimes 'explosive' poop

We just don't know how to tell you this, but a newborn's poop is mostly liquid (from all the breastfeeding) so it doesn't take much for your baby to excrete - be prepared for a 'totally normal' diaper blowout now and then. You will not be the first mom or dad to clean off poop from your shirt or off your bathroom walls. As long as your baby looks happy, there is simply nothing to worry about!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Just another relatable post

Who else can relate? To be honest, in the 5 minutes I often promise to leave the house, it is just when the baby needs a diaper change, or starts crying wanting to be breastfed, or when hubby forgets something and spends an entire hour looking for it! So technically, it's not all my fault! #momlife

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Soreness during pregnancy

As your uterus expands, you may feel aches and pains in the back, abdomen, groin area, and thighs. These body aches and pain may be common, but it doesn't mean that you don't suffer!

Soreness and body aches are a common complaint from mama's during pregnancy. It might affect a specific area, or your entire body in general - this only means that your body is preparing yourself for delivery. These aches that are happening to you is usually nothing to worry about, but if it comes with symptoms like flu or a temperature, it is best to consult your midwife, or a medical professional to talk about it.

Treating body aches & soreness

If you are in your second trimester and you are experiencing lower back pain, pelvic discomfort or a general ache, this is because of the pressure of the baby's head, increased in body weight, and loosening joints - for many pregnant moms, a maternity girdle or a support belt will be of some help. What you can also do is lie down to relieve the pressure off your back, apply a hot pack, and get a lot of rest.

If you have some energy, try out some exercises like swimming, stretching and yoga. A little bit of mobility will definitely benefit your muscles and joints.

Monday, May 13, 2019

No more manicures?

Now that's just a myth! A myth simply being repeated over and over.

There is no need to forego your regular mani-pedis just because you're becoming a mom. The many experts we have spoken to all felt that mani-pedis are totally fine for pregnant moms - at any trimester. If anything, your nails are growing and getting stronger now so take advantage of that beauty treatment!

Although nail polish contains traces amounts of harsh chemicals, they are not absorbed by your skin and have never before been linked to birth defects. If you are still a bit freaked out about what's in the nail polish and the safety behind using it, look for brands that are non-toxic, like Butter London, Scotch Naturals, and Cote.

The fumes from the polish might be pretty strong so when doing your mani-pedi, it is best to ask to sit by a window or in a well-ventilated space. And most importantly, make sure that the beauty salon you go to sterilizes all their tools! It is always best to visit a licensed salon with a good health inspection record (at all times!).

Saturday, May 11, 2019

How can I get rid of bloating and indigestion?

Trust us, pregnancy has got this on all of us - and we only have our hormones to thank for these regular discomforts! Your pregnant body is making more estrogen and progesterone to relax the smooth muscle tissues in your body. Unfortunately, this causes side effects like bloating, indigestion, constipation, and all the aches in your stomach.

There are ways that you can combat this, and sometimes we may be adding to these discomforts on our own. Like when we eat too fast or wearing clothing that is a bit too tight in the tummy.

Try avoiding these:
• Eating greasy foods
• Eating big meals
• Drinking too much and too fast
• Lying down right after a meal
• Wearing clothes that are restrictive

If these sound a bit too familiar, try avoiding them. Eat smaller portions regularly instead of eating a huge meal in one seating, get a bit of a walk in after a meal, and maybe it's also time to shop for maternity wear that is loose and comfortable!